In the Community

Keeping Casper Clean and Green!

We have a few notes and reminders to pass along. Thank you for taking the time review the following tips:

 • Tear it up! Cellophane windows on envelopes ruin the quality of a batch of paper. Please tear the windows out and discard them.

• Yes! CCR will recycle office/school paper if bagged separately from newspapers & magazines.

• Protect fly aways! Please place a rock or brick on top of your bins. Remember, bins are your responsibility to take care of and/or replace as needed!

• Please do not stack bins when setting them out. This adds to the risk of them blowing over & spilling contents.

• Plastic bags: CCR will happily take your grocery bags! When you accumulate a decent amount, stuff the sacks inside one and tie it closed. Individual bags are too susceptible to the wind!

• We will only take corrugated cardboard that has been broken down flat. Place it under your bins or a rock on your collection day.

• Should Old Man Winter cause a ‘Snow Day’, check Facebook for notification: We will also contact you via phone, text or email. Never fear, there would certainly be a make-up day should this occur!

• 2016 CCR calendars are making the rounds! The handiness continues with new refrigerator magnet calendars from us to you! Please check your door on your CCR day!!

Keeping Casper Clean & Green!!

Thank you for your concern for the environment.

Save your precious time... let us help!

Recycling takes effort, time, can be messy and who wants to fight those nasty winds, snow and mud at the depots?

CCR provides the bins, does the sorting and ensures that items get to their proper location, twice a month on your residential trash day.

Casper Curbside Recycling