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Keeping Casper Clean and Green!

With new ownership comes a few fresh ideas! We have three Green Goals for the up and coming quarter (April, May & June):

1st Green Goal: No more chopping down trees to send out invoices! Currently your bill arrives by “snail mail”. From now on we will be sending invoices, newsletters and other correspondence via email! For those of you who do not have an email, we will make other arrangements. If you have not received anything from us by email, please send a short note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so our little leprechaun may update the address list. *Note this is a new address for CCR. ! !

Second Green Goal: We are converting to Quarterly Billing which will simplify your bookkeeping. At the end of March you will receive (via email) an invoice for April, May & June dues. You will have 30 days to make payment, late fees of $5.00 will be applied. And who are we kidding with the $14.95? We are rounding residential charges up to $15.00/month to further simplify book keeping.

Third Green Goal: By picking up earlier, we hope to avoid bins being lost or recyclables taking off in the Wyoming wind. Thanks to everyone for putting your bins out by 8:00 am! We appreciate those of you who have already made the adjustment to recycle opposite the city’s “extra collection” days. Hopefully this will save bins and your back!

Referrals: We hope that you will enjoy the convenience of Casper Curbside Recycling enough to Refer a Friend or Neighbor. When they become a customer, we will send you a coupon for 1 free month of CCR service! Thanks to those who “Like” us on Facebook. Let’s see how many more friends we can make and how many more recyclable goods we can keep out of the landfill!

Keeping Casper Clean & Green!!

Thank you for your concern for the environment.

Save your precious time... let us help!

Recycling takes effort, time, can be messy and who wants to fight those nasty winds, snow and mud at the depots?

CCR provides the bins, does the sorting and ensures that items get to their proper location, twice a month on your residential trash day.

Casper Curbside Recycling