Plastics          Cardboard    Magazines/Catalogs     Glass           Aluminum/Tin       Office Paper

​      (1 &2 only)      (Corrugated & Press Board)                                         (all colors)                                                   (bagged separately) 

                                                                    * Please be sure to rinse all food and milk containers before placing them in your bins. 

      **Due to Casper's wind, cardboard must be broken down and stacked underneath your bins, a rock or cement block.  

Residential Customers

For Residential Customers we will schedule your pickup to coincide with your regular trash day. We pick up twice a month for a cost of only $15.00 per month. There is a one time set up fee of $35.00. This includes 2 bins; (1 bin for all your containers and a second bin for paper products) and all the information needed to get you recycling right away! For further questions contact us at:  


Recyclable goods Casper Curbside Recycling currently collects:

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